Kimiko Hosaki - Founder and Executive Director 

Kimiko Head Shot.jpg

The driving force behind K.H & co. is its Founder and Executive Director, Kimiko Hosaki.  Her ambition, determination and uncanny business savvy have helped compile an impressive catalogue of achievements and a wealth of experience amassed over a relatively short amount of time. They are also the attributes that form the foundation of K.H & co. and are the reason why she so easily transcends a range of sectors. Her aversion to being pigeonholed is what separates her from the masses.

Not only does Kimiko excel in the premium market, she has strong business development and event expertise in luxury spirits, premium boutique venues, men’s lifestyle brands, and health and wellness and destination management. The resulting breadth of knowledge means her clients benefit from a truly unique perspective. 

Kimiko’s specific focuses at K.H & co. include strategic council, event design, logistics and customer relations.

As an event manager, Kimiko believes that the key to success lies in the bigger picture. Understanding a client’s vision, and not only applying it during the planning process, but during the event’s execution, is crucial to ensuring its success. She takes this approach in all aspects of event management, including real-time issues that require on-the-spot problem solving. It has delivered successful results for a variety of high-end clients, representing some of the world’s top brands, who demand perfection. Her past roster of esteemed clients and luxury brands include F1 driver Jenson Button, actors Tim Robbins, Mickey Rourke and Rachel McAdams, pop star Rihanna, luxury champagne brands Dom Perignon and Veuve Clicquot, as well as Hennessy, Belvedere, and Ardbeg. 

Throughout it all, Kimiko’s confidence, professionalism and calm, friendly demeanour put her clients at ease. No task is impossible, no issue is too stressful and no crisis is unmanageable for Kimiko. 

On top of this, Kimiko makes time for volunteer work – something she is passionate about and which gives her immense personal satisfaction. Her many endeavors include working alongside world champion rower Adam van Koeverden in organizing the First Annual John Wood Memorial Golf Tournament and Olympic Gala, in support of Canada’s Olympic rowing team. She also regularly devotes time to mentoring Ryerson University students; working to help prepare them for final program submissions and the challenges and opportunities of real world commerce.